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bow down before the true God of war we do deep into the bowels of the underworld and now we're here to present you with hundred seven facts about Kratos and his battle against gods of Olympus beloved hack-and-slash series exclusive to the PlayStation line of consoles the God of War series takes players on a guided murder tour of Greek mythology that said there's actually a lot of death and attention to detail to explore in this game will you survive the carnage of truth we're about to bestow upon you my name is Brittany and today on the leaderboard we're counting down 107 facts about the God of War series let's get crackin fact 1 the main god of war trilogy in its prequel god of war ascension were developed by Sony Santa Monica studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment back to God of War was the second game internally developed by Sony Santa Monica studios and a fifth game overall fact 3 the portable god of war titles Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta were developed by ready at dawn studios Chains of Olympus 1 the relatively new studio critical acclaim and a handful of other awards fact 4 despite being the first game in the series God of War is a third game chronologically fact 5 in 2007 a 2d side-scrolling mobile game was released starting the bloodlust craze Kratos titled God of War betrayal at the time it was easily the most violent game available on your phone after all it would be two years before those iconic birds would take their vengeance on eggs stealing pigs fact 6 the first God of War game was released for a ps2 on March 22nd 2005 to the dismay of mythology teachers everywhere back to 7 it was created and directed by David Jeff someone who has experience with chaos and madness after I've worked on several games in the twisted metal series do you guys remember how crazy those words act 8 the series was inspired by Capcom's Onimusha after playing it David Jeff had the brilliant idea let's do that with Greek mythology back to 9 Jack actually credits Ray Harryhausen the special effects crew behind Clash of the Titans and other classics as a major influence on the game's design fact 10 he further decided he wanted to combine the scope of Clash of the Titans with heavy metal magazine so basically fun epic story selling fantasy of Greek mythology blended with sex and violence fact 11 these games all take place in fictionalized versions of real okay Asians including the agency in Athens or on places based on mythology like the temple of Pandora and Mount Olympus um no word on the accuracy of the underworld though back 12 God of War 2 was even set to show Atlantis as a whole world but it was cut due to budget and time constraints sad because the world is clamoring to know what a lantus truly looked like fact 13 the main antihero of the series is Kratos a former servant of Ares the actual God of War in Greek mythology Kratos has had all sorts of bad things happened to him over his life much more on that later fact 14 because of all these tragedies Kratos doesn't tend to smile very often jab stated that the inspiration for creative sour expression came from Edward Norton and American History X fact 15 however in all of the God of War Games Kratos does smile once it is brief and it happens when he is holding his dollar Calliope in the air during Chains of Olympus sack 16 the Sony team stated the original idea for God of War 3 revolved around Kratos moving on from Greek to Norse and Egyptian mythology taking down each system of polytheism and eventually setting up the events for monotheism ala Christianity and for creatives to become death itself no not over ambitious at all fact 17 the idea for that was for creatives to basically distract other gods from looing mortals who would then lose face and gods all together and this would in turn weaken the deities and make them easier to kill fact 18 the creator said that the reason God of War 2 appeared on the PlayStation 2 instead of the PlayStation 3 which was released four months prior to God of War two was because there were 100 million people out there who could play God of War 2 as soon as it launches they assured the public the game would be playable in the newer platform which had PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility fact 19 it's hard to talk about these games without talking a little about the underlying Greek mythology Kratos has a real character from Greek myth the personification of power and strength and one of the four winged enforcers of Zeus the king of the gods fact 20 the other three enforcers were creatives of siblings Nike via and those all of them were the children of Titans Palace and Styx fact 21 some say that Kratos was an illegitimate child of Zeus and a mortal woman foreshadowing fact 22 either way according to the game designers credo stands 8 feet tall which should be a surefire giveaway that the guy has little non-human blood in him fact 23 in the God of War universe Kratos only has one brother his name is demos after the Greek god of terror hit a strange birthmark remember this it's important fact 24 and Oracle had foretold that Olympus would fall not because of the Titans a major threat which the gods had imprisoned earlier by the hands of a marked lawyer wonder who that could be fact 25 Deimos was born with the red birthmark on his face see told you was important and Zeus and Ares believed he was the where who would take down Olympus so areas in Athena interrupted Kratos and Daniels's training and kidnapped demos Kratos tried to intervene and was brushed aside by Ares leaving him with a scar across his eye Ares imprisoned demos in death domain and there he was tortured by senado fact 26 the super awkward coincidence in Greek mythology is that Deimos is actually the son of Ares in Aphrodite fact 27 Kratos emblazoned his face with a signature red tattoo in honor of his brothers birthmark which makes his face had too much more personal than mike tyson's fact 28 speaking of that tattoo Kratos was originally supposed to have blue not red tattoos but the development team changed the look once they realize how similar Kratos would look to the Barbarian from Diablo 2 fact 29 kratos's tattoo changes slightly in design from being the game in the first game it stretches from his chest from close to his sternum to pass his left nipple in a second it's closer to his nipple in the third and final game it doesn't cover his nipple at all we stop looking at his nipples fact 30 also his tattoo in God of War circled more of his left arm button games afterwards it does not that's 31 you may look at Kratos and be like but wait those red tattoos really pop on his ashy white skin why is his skin so white turns out there's a bit of a storyline there you see their ashes the ashes of his murdered wife lissandra and his dollar Calliope facts 32 also the ashy skin that's where Kratos gets his nickname The Ghost of Sparta fact 33 but who murdered his wife and child it seems like every answer creates more questions well let's go back a little further to the God of War mythology then to figure that out it's a long story but the short answer is Kratos himself he was tricked and do it back 34 Kratos was a soldier in the Spartan army married with a lovely child seemed like he had a great life except he was hungry for more fact 35 then tragedy struck Calliope his daughter contracted the plague and was fated to die kratos wanted to do anything he could to save her and so he would sit on a quest to find me ambrosia of Asclepius an elixir with magical healing properties back 36 Asclepius is a Greek god of medicine and ambrosia is known in Greek myths to grant longevity of life or immortality fact 37 the gods Artemis Hades helos Hermes and presided all bet on who would find me ambrosia back thirty one of the Warriors creative skills to get the ambrosia with Hades champion Ulrich the prince of the barbarians Hades being the god of the underworld in all doesn't take losing very well he resurrects Ulrich who becomes a barbarian King and swears vengeance against Kratos fact 39 Kratos meanwhile gets promoted to the rank of captain of the Spartan army for bringing back the ambrosia he also gets to heal his daughter and lead the army to several more victories and he lived happily ever after then they do one of those junk poses things where they freeze in midair in the credits roll fact forty kidding Ulrich the Barbarian King is still pretty pissed off and now he's an entire horde of barbarians at his command so he attacks Kratos in the Spartan army who fight to the brink of total annihilation fact 41 Kratos is backed into a corner and claws out for Ares for help in exchange for sparing his men and giving him the power it would take to destroy his enemies Kratos offers to serve areas and areas agrees fact 42 Ares provides Kratos with a signature weapon a pair of chain blades named a blaze of chaos bored in the depths of Tartarus a deep part of the underworld creators probably uses them to remove the barbarian Kings head from the rest of his body fact 43 it's revealed in God of War 3 that Tartarus is actually the legendary battleground between the gods and the Titans though in God of War two Atlas claims that the great war foregin landscape for the mortal world not the underworld fact 44 chaos entered into an extended period of fighting in areas of named eventually this led to an attack on a village occupied by worshippers of Athena Ares being a hardened warrior and also a friggin jerk had secretly transported creatives his wife and child to the village Ares believed that killing his wife and child free Kratos to be a perfect warrior and indeed during his frenzied attack on the temple Chris accidentally killed his in fact 45 the Oracle of the destroyed village cursed Kratos by bonding the ashes of his dead filming to his skin turning it white fact 46 that brings us full circle so that's enough about history let's talk about some of the voices that can be heard throughout the God of War franchise our main guy Kratos is voiced by Terrence TC Carson who is also in the sitcom living single and later the voice of mace Windu and Star Wars the Clone Wars fact 47 Ares is voiced by veteran voice actor Steve Blum and God of War and god of war ascension and by Fred tatasciore God of War 3 fact 48 Perseus as seen in God of War 2 is voiced by Harry Hamlin who also happened to play Perseus in the classic 1981 Clash of the Titans fact 49 there isn't much that screams Disney in the God of War series except for one particular actress from the show good luck charlie Lee Ellen Baker voice' character in God of War 2 her name at house girl 2 and she appears during the God of War 2 sex minigame pinky would not approve fact 50 that's a good segue for a short little diversion in the immortal words of salt and pepper let's talk about sex God of War has been known for having many many topless women and sexual acts and fairness this was a big theme in Greek mythology and if you ever read Ovid cotton war is tame by comparison fact 51 it was revealed in the novelization that those twins Kratos can spend some intimate time with our names Zora and Laura because of course they are the daughters of Aphrodite fact 52 it isn't until God of War 3 that Kratos finally runs into Aphrodite and has relations with her which will reward you with red orbs Aphrodite after all has been an admirer throughout the series and so why wouldn't she give Kratos a little extra something something back 53 she's also been known to be pansexual as she was having sex with her handmaidens before inviting Kratos hey you don't get to be goddess of love by reading books fact 54 she's also sleeping with Aries who Kratos is trying to kill lots of complications all around god of war yep lots of complication fact 55 can you blame Aphrodite for having sex on her mind though in the game she is the daughter of Zeus but in mythology she was born after Uranus is genitalia were cut off and thrown into the sea he sacked 56 okay enough about that back to the voices in gods war 2 & 3 the voice of Zeus is played by Corey Burton who also plays Zeus in the herkie animated series by Disney fact 57 but he's not the only one who found a role for themselves playing Greek gods and God of War and God of War to Athena is voiced by Carol Rozier who also voiced Athena in the video game Age of Mythology fact 58 meanwhile what would a video game from the 2000s be without an appearance by Nolan North Star of Uncharted Assassin's Creed and so many other massive franchises in God of War he played Hades god of the underworld fact 59 God of War 3 really ramped up the guest voices Hephaestus is voiced by Rip Torn of dodgeball and minun black Fane fact 60 Hades and God of War 3 is voiced by can see Brown that guy from a million movies and TV shows including Shawshank Redemption Starship Troopers and SpongeBob SquarePants he's the voice of mr. Krabs stack 61 Hercules pops up in God of War 3 the name Hercules is actually Roman contradicting the Greek nature of these games he should instead be known as Heracles personally I prefer uncle ease get it get it back 62 using his Roman name is more appropriate here as his helmet is of cinterion design and he is it lion motif which fits the Roman gladiatorial battles fact 63 who could play the role of Hercules and God of War 3 in ascension better than Kevin Sorbo who previously portrayed the character in several television movies and television series FAC 64 during God of War 3 Kratos inches in nightmare from Zeus within the nightmare Kratos falls into the water where he will hear different voices there's an easter egg here once the voices stop if Kratos stays in the water he will hear his brother Deimos asking not to be left again back 65 demos was voiced by actor and former Hobbit Elijah Wood back 66 the God of War series has had its fair share of truly epic boss fights starting with the Hydra from God of War based on the multi-headed creature from Greek mythology that grows more heads as each is cut off back 67 Kratos kills it by destroying its main head called the Hydra King however in the original mythology it was killed by Hercules who destroyed it by cutting off the Ted and cauterizing the wound before it could grow back back 68 this isn't the only time Kratos elbows in on Greek mythology to eat some other heroes lunch Kratos kills Medusa the Gorgon queen instead of the hero Perseus sack 69 because Perseus doesn't kill Medusa it doesn't really make sense that he's still a renowned hero in game he was also unable to use Medusa's gaze on the sea monster Kito's to save princess Andromeda from the Kraken as his legend goes and so she dies he ends but the island of creation to strike a deal with the sisters of fate and bring her back to life where he meets and fights ratos back 70 the first boss fight and got aboard to the colossus of rhodes is based on a real statue that stood at the port of rhodes it was big enough that it caused a bronze shortage in the entire Greek Empire fact 71 the idea of the Colossus coming to life may have come from the myth of Tallis who was a bronze statue with only one weakness a small nail in his ankle that held his vein shut he was defeated by removing this nail and letting all of his Igor flow out new fact 72 Poseidon is the first god seen in God of War in the first boss battle in God of War 3 fact 73 the sightings character for God of War 3 was one most complex for the developers it took them almost a full year to fully design his monstrous form back 70 for the PSP release Chains of Olympus continues the tradition of first bosses being large and multi-tiered with a massive basket and no stabbing a diary doesn't kill this one fact 75 Kratos has even taken down the ultimate bosses his parents they just don't understand Kratos killed both his mother Callisto and Ghost of Sparta and his father Zeus in God of War 3 fact 76 for how completely gigantic some of these boss battles got God of War 3 features no true CGI sequences everything you see is 100% in-game all camera features including motion blur run real time in the cinematics in and game fact 77 there are quite a few recurring motifs that appear in the guide board games in every game except for Chains of Olympus Kratos loses all of his powers and must start his growth all over again if you're a Metroid fan you know the feeling whoa back from the 8th and each of the main games Kratos burns a man alive the first is sacrificial soldier and prometheus for the second game toasty back 79 and a gruesome twist Kratos is killed at some point during all the main installment in the series by impalement through his abdomen fact 80 God of War series has a history of making rather silly unlockable costumes for its game including kata war a fish costume Darry bastard a cow costume and bubbles which gives Kratos a scuba mask and swimming shorts fact 81 in each game there's at least one callback from one game to another and God of War 3 during the wet caves of Hades Kratos finds a note for a tortured soul that reads he could not have saved me my life in his hand and he still let go I might have just been a mere boat captain but he treated me as if I was nothing he's to blame for my torment here I hope he suffers in Hades as I have damned that Ghost of Sparta this is reference to the captain Kratos dropped down in the hydra king's mouth after getting a key from the first gada board game talk about holding a grudge fact 82 aside from his appearances in God of War Games credits has popped up in tons of other media he's a playable character in Soul Calibur broken destiny this also marks the first time that Kratos appears in a teen teen rated game this is also his first cross of her parents in general with mortal combat being the second fact 83 war is not your thing well then you can go off as kratos in the game Hot Shots Golf out-of-bounds fact 84 in the 2008 The Simpsons game a parody of Kratos can be seen in the background of a level in a billboard the words god of Worf are written next to a picture of a Simpson s kratos eating a bowl of chowder fact 85 as mentioned before Kratos appears in the ps3 version of the 2000 game mortal combat with his own set of moves and a personal god of war battle arena he is not however a part of the storyline red orbs appear in mortal combat after Kratos defeats an enemy without the use of a fatality in fact 86 duded demands by Sony nether realms was forced to change his reaction in different fatalities so as to not show him scared or panic but instead injured or enraged fact 87 as part of Gardevoir three's advertising Kratos appeared on a NASCAR car in the March 2010 Bristol race fact 88 a playable demo was included in the district 9 blu-ray disc as well as being made available through PSN it featured the city of Olympia with a condensed storyline and some missing features act 89 bit of war is an 8-bit god of war d'emic developed and created by homemade games that follow some of david' jazz original script ideas and it's adorable facts 90 there were six God of War comics published by Wildstorm and DC Comics the reception was not great but they filled in some important background portions of Kratos of life before starting more with the gods back 91 in case you want to experience the God of War story without all those pesky buttons and QuickTime events getting in your way there is a novelization of the series that was released in 2010 fact 92 apparently the God of War 2 launch event in May 2007 a dead goat just like hanging out as part of the scenery at the topless women said guests grapes and people threw knives at targets so I mean later apologized for this event stating we recognize that the use of a dead goat was in poor taste and fell below our high standards of clinic we set ourselves fact 93 God of War 3 and the post-credits scene implying Kratos survived the end of the game leaving the door open for another sequel and it looks like it's in the works TAC 94 Kratos is coming to the big screen or at least he was supposed to a movie for God of War has been in the works first announced in 2005 at this point no one really knows what has happened to it back 95 in September 2010 jaws said that the script went out a year and half ago to Daniel Craig who plays bond but he turned it down back to 96 God of War 1 2 & 3 all scored above a 90 on Metacritic talk about a pedigree fact 97 and the ps3 re-release of God of War 1 there's a trophy called the speed of Jason McDonald it can be earned by beating the game in less than 5 hours an office speedrun record held by none other than Jason McDonald himself the lead combat designer for God of War 3 facts 98 if cratis solves labyrinth without dying or falling which is no easy feat the player will receive a gold trophy amazed fact 99 God of War ascension found itself in hot water over a trophy called bros before hoes which was earned after killing its certain female enemy the resulting backlash pushed Sony Santa Monica to patch the achievement changing it to bros before foes back 100 and my favorite wine god of war on the PlayStation 2 features two statues at the end of the game most would look past these two statues especially after striking them and receiving no results however if you keep hitting them a few hundred times they will actually break once broken a scrambled code will show up giving you a 1-800 number when called the number will put you through to a conversation with Kratos and game director David Jeff eventually Kratos kills David and ends the call back to 101 along with breaking the statues completing the game on god mode would get the player another number calling the second number would play a message from Kratos talking about what happened to Ares after their fight turns out Ares was totally fine and just went to a farm upstate fact 102 some Easter eggs take more effort than others in Ascension fans found and decoded a series of random letters scene in a painting revealing a series of floor tiles the player had to activate in a specific order if you do the paintings change to a cryptic message fact 103 and God of War 1 there was a mild Center between the US and European releases and Pandora's temple Kratos has to make a human sacrifice to get Pandora's box and the European release the soldiers are undead instead of conscious size 104 by achieving a 999,999 hit combo in God of War 2 a URL for a website would appear leading the player to WWI ln of rhodes calm this site is unfortunately no longer around fact 105 by gaining the platinum trophy in God of War 3 you were given the URL ww Spartan stand tall calm which eventually announced the release of God of War goes to Sparta fact when turn six all told god of war sold more than 4.6 million copies worldwide and is the 11th best-selling ps2 game of all time last but not least backed 107 the God of War series all together have sold more than 21 million copies no one can deny Kratos vengeance and no one can deny that you know a lot more about God of War than you did a few minutes ago I'm graduation which fact was your favorite is there one that you found worthy that wasn't featured in our list let us know in the comments below along with what we should cover in our next 107 facts and make sure you like it subscribe so that you'll never miss out on any future videos my name is Brittany and I'll see you next time

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  1. Fact: he was a Spartan soldier
    Fact2: so he was fighting people right?
    Fact3: and like he was about to lose
    Fact4: so he asks the god of war for help
    Fact5: and he says okay
    Fact6: and then he gives him the blades of chaos

  2. I don’t understand, why did Kratos die at the begging of GoW 3 when Zeus stabbed him with the Blade of Olympus, but not at the end when he stabbed himself with the same sword?

  3. Titans Enter the chat
    Greek Gods enter the chat
    Furies enter the chat
    Kratos enters the chat
    Greek Gods left the chat
    Furies left the chat
    Titans left the chat
    Norse Gods enter the chat
    Boi enters the chat

  4. You forgot that all of the god of war games have a spiral stairwell with an overhead view as you go either up or down on them and a paronamic shot of kratos running into the destance. These are found at some point in the games.

  5. These aren’t facts. Knew all but about 12 of these so called facts. If you play the games at all you know this stuff.

  6. Fact 56 is incorrect. Rip Torn who voiced Hephaestus in God of War 3 was the voice of Zeus in the Disney's Hercules movie, not Corey Burton.


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