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Posted By on December 2, 2019

What does it mean to receive a blessing? Or for that matter to bless someone else? Isn’t it God’s intention and desire to bless all of humanity? Yes! It is central to God’s relationship with us. Giving a blessing like bestowing a wish upon someone. Like saying, “May you experience the favor of God
and all that comes with it”. And we say a blessing at the dinner table. Wait. Is that Grace?
Great. Well why don’t we take a minute to sort all
this out as we take a closer look at blessing on this episode of Chuck Knows Church. (Someone sneezes off-screen.) Bless you! (Chuck Knows Church theme music) Did you find yourself a hanky? Good. Bless your little heart.
Allergy season. All right. There are over 600 times in the
Old Testament we see references to blessing. Now the first time is in Genesis, Chapter
12, Verse 2 where God orders Abram to leave his country. And he is told by God, “I will bless you and
make your name great, so that you will be a blessing”. Wow!
You cannot beat that with a stick. That’s a pretty good blessing, if I do say so myself. Now while in the Old Testament
the emphasis on a blessing is about being granted special favor by God, in the New Testament the focus is more of a spiritual blessing rather than a material reward. Again, God’s promise to Abram in the Old
Testament, a foundation for blessings, the pledge that all peoples on earth shall
be blessed. Then in the New Testament it is fulfilled
in God’s blessing through Jesus Christ. Check out what it says here in Galatians. See how that worked? It did. Then as believers having received God’s blessing through Jesus Christ. We are each call to be a vessel, a source of that blessing to the rest of the world. Better get to it. Alright? Alright. Blessings on you and blessings on you. You… all of you. Everybody!
Blessings on everyone here. And out there! If you’d like to know more be sure to ask
your pastor. Tell them…
(Chuck suppresses a sneeze.) Excuse me… Tell them… (sigh). Tell them that Chuck sent you (Big sneeze). Thank you. Allergy season.

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