10 Surprising Facts About Zakir Naik

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About beloved prophet my muscle assalam said it’s mentioned favor hari volume number 4 Hadith number 3 4 6 1 but legal a new Alya Propagate even if you know one was about Islam. Dr. Zakir Abdul Kareem nyuk is an Indian Islamic preacher He’s a well spoken doctor who speaks fluent English as well as Bombay and Hindi although his messages have inspired many People from around the world. He has sometimes ended up in hot water for some of his views Welcome to another episode of FTD facts. My name is Leroy Kenton and in this episode. I have ten surprising facts about dr Zakir Naik that I’m gonna share with you, but before I jump into the facts, I got a question for you guys I’m actually really curious to know what public speakers inspire you stand off down below in the comments section Okay, so starting off with the first fact, dr. Zakir Naik, he runs a non-profit charitable Organization called the Islamic Research Foundation as well as Peace TV Which reportedly reached over a hundred million viewers a current ads website It’s dedicated to the promotion of Islamic. Dawah Which is the understanding of Islam through presentation through various channels including TV? It’s also dedicated to the promotion of truth justice morality harmony and wisdom for all of humanity Sakura Nayak was born in Mumbai India in October 1965 and he attended the Kishen. Danjela Ram college and studied medicine at the top Walla National Medical College and byl near charitable hospital as well as later on He studied at the University of Mumbai where he obtained a Bachelor of medicine and surgery clearly This guy is well educated and he knows a whole lot now the appeal of dr Zakir naik is that he seeks to clarify Islamic viewpoints and clear other? Misconceptions about Islam using the Quran using the hadith as well as other religious scriptures as a basis Along with mixing in scientific facts to make his points a lot more impactful. God is one He’s called the truth now unlike many other Islamic preachers His lectures are delivered common language that people can understand and they’re given in English Not a Jew or Arabic and he’s always seen wearing a suit and tie That’s like his staple is costume. It’s like you see that you’re like that’s dr. Zakir naik right there He’s all about keeping things simple. I’m now according to the Islamic research foundations website in the last 20 years. Dr Zakir Naik has delivered over 2,000 public speeches all around the world now among the places that he’s visited the United States Canada United Kingdom. Italy France, Saudi Arabia Australia Ghana Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore Thailand Hong Kong China Mauritius Sri Lanka and the Maldives Also in March of 2012 he did a public talk in Kisangani in India And it was attended by over 1 million people So clearly this guy has a lot of influence and this was one of the largest gatherings In the world for any religious lecture by one speaker, dr Zakir Naik was the recipient of the prestigious King Faisal international prize or the KF IP in the category of service to Islam back in 2015 Now the award was announced by Makka Saudi Arabia governor Prince Khalid Alpha Zhou. Alongside the KFI PE secretary-general Abdullah al athenian and each prize consists of a handwritten arabic certificate as well as a 24 karat 200 gram gold medal and a cash reward of 750,000 Saudi riyal which works out to be around 200,000 US dollars But that’s not the only thing he’s received like he’s received numerous awards from leaders around the world in 2013 the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia conferred a Maharaja distinguished personality award to dr Zakir Naik in a ceremony at the Putrajaya International Convention Center He’s also married to Farhat nyuk And he has a son named Fariq and a daughter whose name is Ruched on how the final act I want to share in this episode about dr Zakir naik is that his views have often? Offended many muslim scholars both from the Shia branch as well as the Sunni communities many Muslim scholars across the world looked down upon Zakir naik for his statements on allah and the prof like in a speech He had mentioned how Muslims shouldn’t seek favours from the Prophet in their prayers, but only from Allah So a lot of people were like mmm, does he respect the Prophet Muhammad? They got a little upset But hey, either way when you have that much influence like dr zakir naik as well as speaking so much in the public not everybody is gonna agree with you and I guess such as something that You gotta live with when you’re in the public eye like that. Those are ten surprising facts about dr. Zakir naik Let me know down below in the comment section what you thought about anything that I shared. What are your views on? Dr Zakir Naik, I’m curious to know I also take requests for a new video topic So if you have any suggestions for future after you facts Episodes that you want to see you can also drop those down below in the comments section as well If I pray five times I’m getting guidance Allah subhana Allah I am on the stage but there for anything five days and before you guys head out Here’s another video that I recommend you just tap the annotation right here to check that video out Also, if you want to follow me on social media those links are below in the video description section as well Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t done so already to join the FTD facts Family and ring that Bell so you can be notified of our daily episodes until next time guys. You have been awesome I’m gonna see you real soon there another video

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  1. Now Dr Zakir Naik is permanent resident of Malaysia… And… Malaysia will never let India get Dr Zakir Naik… Cause we know… If we let India get Dr Zakir Naik… All Muslim around the world will never see him again…

  2. If we muslims end upworshipping or asking favours from Prophet(PBUH) the most saddest and disappointed would be our beloved Prophet(PBUH)

  3. Today India is afraid of this one man army because he is spreading the true message of islam in India.
    India is the most coward country ever existed.

  4. You missed these 👇
    Fact 11:
    Zakir Naik, who is wanted in India (charges of money laundering and hate speech [2]), was granted permanent residency in Malaysia by the previous government. He is living in the country from the last three years. [1]

    Fact 12:
    Zakir Naik is facing charges of inciting communal disharmony and committing unlawful activities in India. He is also facing probe both in India and Bangladesh in connection with the terror attack at the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka on July 2016. [1]

    Fact 13:
    In 2010, Naik, who has a huge global following and is the founder of Peace TV channel, was barred from entering Britain. [2]

    Fact 14:
    In a July 2008 broadcast, Naik suggested that al-Qaeda was not responsible for the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. [2]

    1- https://www.indiatoday.in/world/story/zakir-naik-not-above-lay-says-malaysia-home-minister-1591724-2019-08-26

    2- https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/08/malaysia-zakir-nair-apologises-controversial-chinese-remarks-190820065048604.html

  5. Why worship only a God(Allah) – a video playlist for knowledge seekers:

  6. @FTD facts, there is one thing i think u got it wrong because in a video of urs i heard u said iblis name is eqquavalent to the satan in christianity right? well the thing is, the iblis name is actually equavalent to Lucifer (the light bringer) and then when he was sent to earth and was cursed for eternity he was given the name Shaitaan aka Satan from the Christian bible, in Christian i think satan and lucifer are two different being, but in islam they r the same

  7. Dr. Zakir Naik is The best preacher of all comparative religions in modern day.

    Salam & respect him from Bangladesh🇧🇩

  8. Zakir Naik is a convicted criminal in India. India and Bangladesh convicted him as a designated hate speaker and supporter of Islamic terrorism, So don't promote a criminal in you tube.

  9. Totally ignored his terroristic side.. he is known for brainwashing innocent people into jihaad in the name of religion and has recently been banned from Malaysia..

  10. I believe Leroy Kenton will have so much of knowledge about islam….I see his videos are mostly related to islam….Masahallah

  11. Dr.Naik is very influential speaker around the world 🌎 according to my experience that he is always preaching the truth that is why many people don’t like him but i like this man very much from button of my heart ❤️….

  12. You missed the fact that he has very severe criminal offenses : 1) isis criminal who bombarded Holy Artisan in Bangladesh , said that they are directly influenced by zakir nayek for doing zihad …he also has videos where he directly praised bin laden and al kayeda for doing zihad against Americans !!!
    2) he has also money laundering cases which he collected in the name of donation & transferring them illegally to foreign bank accounts from India ….that’s why he escaped from India and refused to go there saying current ruling government is against him whereas there is no such proof of that
    3) many of his lectures are also scripted that’s why he never give speeches or lectures other than his own production peace tv
    he portrait medieval aged Sunni wahabi mentality of Islam which is not compatible with nowadays values ….please try not to promote anyone like him who destroys religious harmony in southeast Asian sub continent…

  13. Zakir Naik fled India in the wake of the Dhaka cafe blast of July 2016. He is wanted for spreading hatred, funding terror and money laundering. He is facing troubles in Malaysia, which has given him permanent residency.
    Zakir Naik, who lives in exile, is accused of acquiring $28m illegally. Indian authorities have also accused him of spreading hate speech and inciting terrorism. Mr Naik, promotes a radical form of Islam.
    Many countries have banned his TV channel – including Bangladesh, where it inspired one of the gunmen to carry out a terrorist attack on a cafe in Dhaka in 2016 in which 22 innocent people were killed
    His famous quote – If bin Laden is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him. If he is terrorizing America, I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist," statement made by Zakir Naik to the media,
    India's Enforcement Directorate (ED), has filed charges against him.
    It told the court that it had identified assets worth millions of dollars as proceeds of crime. He is wanted in India for money laundering.
    Mr Naik's "inflammatory speeches and lectures have inspired and incited many Muslim youths in India to commit unlawful activities and terrorist acts"

  14. The first fact is the truth seek help only from Allah he needs no mediator and obviously i like Dr Zakir naik lectures very much they are so logical.

  15. listening his lectures,,many youths become terrorist,,,in bangladesh the terrorist attack last year was done by some youth who were inspired by his teachings,,even bangladesh govt which is a muslim country called him a terrorist

  16. this is not complete or amazing fact about zakir naik
    zakir naik also quote bible and other regligious book and prove that allah is one and islam quran is authenticated book for all
    zakir naik challange christion jews,or hundus top leader to talk about any single mistake on quran but no anyone find any single mistake
    he talk various religions top leader like in hindu shiri shinkar and christion or jews leader etc and prove that islam and quran is final message of real and only one GOD and prove Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) is the last messanger of GOD and its mention in all previous GOD those holly books (like bible, vaid, etc )that christion, jews, hindus and most of other religious people follow

  17. What you said about other Sunni and Shia scholars hating on him for saying Muslims should only seek help from or ask Allah isn't accurate I believe. As Muslims we are advised by the prophet Muhammad to seek help only from Allah not anyone else including himself.

  18. to be honest..after watching zakir naik speech..i got the knowledge..on how to talk to other religious people and what to talk..i learnt how to make them comfortable during a conversation..!


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