10 Surprising Facts About The JF-17 Thunder

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After so many of you have been requesting it here are 10 facts about the jf-17 Thunder what’s happening guys Welcome to FTD facts my name is Leroy Kenton and the Jf-17 Thunder is a pretty impressive fighter jet when you take a look at it Plus I have a lot of facts about the jf-17 block 3 So be sure to watch this video until the end to be caught up on all the facts Ok, so let’s get right into it Now the first thing I want to share with you about the jf-17 Thunder is that it is a lightweight single-engine multi-role combat aircraft That has been manufactured by the joint efforts of the P AC which sent for the Pakistan aeronautical complex and the CAC the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation of China The aircraft has been named as jf-17. But what does that actually stand for? Well j-f stands for joint fighter 17 based on the Pakistani version But for its Chinese counterpart the fc-1 Jaa long That’s its name and it means fighter China one fierce dragon Now the primary roles of the jf-17 Thunder are to be used for the following types of missions. It’s used for aerial reconnaissance Also ground attack as well as aircraft Interception now it gets exciting because I wanted to do some facts about the jf-17 block 3 Because there is a lot of talk and a lot of interest around it, so Development and production of the Pakistani aeronautical complex and the Chengdu aerospace Corporation jf-17 block 3 multi-role fighter aircraft has begun but the aircraft is not finalized yet Everybody is still waiting in Anticipation the chief designer of the aircraft. His name is yang Wei and he announced this at a press conference in China Yang Wei said that all related work is already being carried out and he also said and I quote the third block will see the day of Seventeen’s informa ties dwarf air capability and weapons Upgraded the JAF block through fighter jets are expected to receive China’s KL J7a, active electronically scanned array or a ESA for short and this refers to its radar system This is a huge news because this would make the Jai 17 block 3 the Pakistan Air Force’s first AES a equipted fighter Aircraft also the jf-17 blocked through aircraft features a new electronic warfare system upgraded avionics including a three axis fly-by-wire digital flight control system They’ll also will have a helmet-mounted display and sight system with its new integrated sensor package The aircraft will have the capability of quick information sharing and network enabled operations to detect enemy aircraft a lot Sooner so how much of the jf-17 cost anyways, well it cost twenty five million dollars per unit however The block 3 per unit price is expected to go up to around 32 million Due to the upgrade costs the Pakistani Air Force plans to obtain 50 Jf-17 of the upgrade of block 3 standard by the year 2024 so we still got a little ways to go now the jf-17 block 1 and block 2 aircraft of which the Pakistani Air Force operates about a hundred of them in total as of this year 2019 they’ve been fitted with an older klj 7 X band fire control radar All three jf-17 variants are powered by the Chinese licensed build kill mob our D 93 Turbofan engine and the jf-17 has a combat radius of up to 1,200 Kilometers without refueling it could also hit a top speed of Mach 1.6, which is just under 2,000 kilometers per hour, so it’s pretty quick but not as fast as some of the other Aircraft in its league. The next thing is taking a look at the hardpoint it has seven heart points in total for under the wing two on the wingtip and one under the fuselage the Jf-17 is equipped with both ear to ear and air-to-surface missiles as well as 23 millimeters GSH 23 twin barrel Autocannon and the jf-17 thunder since its induction into the Pakistani Air Force has become the backbone of the Air Force it works Great, like very well side-by-side with the General Dynamics f-16 Fighting Falcon those aircraft really complement each other in warfare the Limit of the aircraft really got started back in the year 1991 in China under the project name fighter China Pakistan and China jointly started this program and they signed an MoU which means a Memorandum of Understanding back in the year 1995 to manufacture it design of the aircraft was ready by the year 2001 and the first prototype was completed in September of 2002 let’s take a look at the cockpit Now the cockpit of the jf-17 thunder is made of glass with a specially designed canopy that comes with the following features three multifunction displays or MFD head-up display, which is HUD 32-bit weapon Mission management computer as well as a hand on throttle and stick now in between the MFD and the HUD There are also the UFC P which means up front control panel To reduce the fog that usually happens in humid subtropical and tropical places Now to give the pilot an all-around clear view There’s an acrylic canopy that covers the cockpit and the last thing I want to share with you is since year 2010 when the first fleet of jf-17 thunder z’ were presented for Active duty in the Pakistani Air Force the aircraft has since completed 19,000 operational flight hours and has been a great help to suppress and fight off enemies So if you made it this far that means you want to learn more right well to keep on watching check out another video Right here. You can tap on the annotation. That’s gonna be on your screen I’ll also have links to similar videos down below in the video description section. My social media links are also down there as well so follow me shoot me a message and I’ll respond to you as fast as Possible snuggle up real close with that subscribe button and ring that bell so you don’t miss any of our future Episodes here on FTD facts. I’m Leroy Kenton, and I’ll see you all next time

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  1. and also make another video showing how an incredible Indian pilot named abhinandan flying a vintage and now "retired" mig 21 bison entered pakistan airspace and shot down 2 second hand Pakistani f-16 jets…

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  5. JF-17 THUNDER ⚡🇵🇰⚡ 🇵🇰⚡
    Shot Down Indian National Hero 27th Feb 2019 MIG-21 & SU-30 Shot Down by PAF Shear Dil's remember that never ever mass again with PAKISTAN ❤️🇵🇰❤️

  6. FTD Surprising facts be like,
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  8. It's not just china and pakistan .. this aircraft design by russia, then they rejected it.. china buy the design then make it and sale to pakistan now china Supply kit pakistan make it.. and engine is Russian.. 😂

  9. Chinese are not fools to give away a Aircraft project if it was really good :p Since they have no other aircrafts they have no option but to praise. lol.

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