10 Creepy Haunted Churches You Should Never Visit

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– Churches are supposed
to be places of peace, where people go to pray and
find joy in their lives, but not every church is
inhabited by the living. (church bell rings) Here are 10 Creepy Haunted
Churches You Shouldn’t Visit. (creepy music) Number one is the Temple of Amida. Located on Mount Myohozan in Japan, the Amida-Ji Temple was
built to appease spirits of those that were killed during a war that saw the end of the Hiki
clan over 700 years ago. The most famous legend
to come out of the temple was that of Hyosh, a penniless blind man with a gift for playing
music who used to live there. On multiple nights, he was led away by a samurai to the home of a lord. However, Hyosh was not
going to a house at all, but instead was actually playing music in front of the Hiki emperor’s grave. Painting protective symbols
all over the blind man, the temple’s priests
forgot to mark his ears so when the samurai returned, they were the only parts of Hyosh he could see. Hearing of this, Hyosh panicked, tore them off, and never returned. To this very day, Hyosh,
the earless, wondrous music, can be still heard in the graveyard around the temple late at night. Number nine is Notre Dame. (church bell rings) Located in Paris, France,
the Notre Dame Cathedral, officially completely in
1345, stands as possibly the finest example of
French Gothic architecture. One of the legends surrounding
the structure’s completion says that in the 13th century, a blacksmith named Biscornet was given the task of decorating
the cathedral side doors. Overwhelmed with the thought
of working on such a building, he made a deal with the devil, who completed the beautiful doors for him. But on the day that the
doors were to be opened, they wouldn’t budge until holy
water was sprinkled on them. Another tale tells the
story of a mysterious woman known only as MJ, who in October of 1882, jumped from one of the
towers and died upon impact. It’s said that to this day, upon walking through those doors, you can feel an eerie
presence, and upon looking up at the gargoyles on
the cathedral itself, MJ can still be seen walking among them. Number eight is St. Andrews on the Red. (church bell rings) Officially opened in 1849,
St. Andrews on the Red is a church in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada, named primarily due to the
proximity to the Red River, and also due to the
pair of glowing red eyes that many people have seen while inside. Considered one of Canada’s
most haunted places, St. Andrews is home to multiple ghosts, including a man in black,
as well as a woman in white, who appear and disappear
seemingly at random while walking about the graveyard outside. The gates of that cemetery have been seen and heard rattling strongly, even when there’s no breeze, as well as a ghost car has been seen traveling around the
church’s parking area. Many who have witnessed
the supernatural entities on the church’s grounds
reported having awful nightmares for several nights afterwards, most of which came with
visions of the rattling gate. Number seven is Egg Hill Church. (church bell rings) Built in 1860, Egg Hill
Church sits all but abandoned in Center County, Pennsylvania. Legend has it that a minister went mad and chained the front
doors of the building shut with his entire congregation inside. He then proceeded to give communion; however, the wine was laced with poison. Everyone in that Mass was killed, including the minister himself. Today, the church is said to be haunted, with some seeing the ghost
of the priest himself, while others claim that they’ve seen some of the murdered patrons. Some claim that the urban legend is simply that, an urban legend; however, others say that
the story only came after terrifying things began
happening in and around Egg Hill. These include sightings
of the ghostly minister, dark marks that appear and
disappear on the church’s walls, and the church bells ringing on their own. Number six is St. Michan’s Church. (church bells ring) Built in 1095 as a Catholic church for the remaining Vikings in the area, the St. Michan’s Church in Dublin, Ireland converted to being a
Protestant church in 1686. But even with the change and
rebuilding of much of it, the building never removed
the vault in the basement. Several coffins still containing bodies have been found in the
rooms under the chapel, many of which have never been identified. Incredibly, due to the
limestone content in the soil, as well as the dry
conditions inside the crypt, these bodies have mummified, becoming almost perfectly preserved. Among the bodies are those
of powerful families, many of whom are apparently still trying to influence the living today. Visitors often report
hearing the mummies whisper, often many voices at once, and some have even felt unseen hands grab
them or even push them. Not exactly a place you
want to go worship at. Number five is Basilica of
Our Lady of Good Health. (church bell rings) Located in Velankanni, India, the Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health has been the site of numerous
supernatural occurrences. Built in the early 1900’s,
the location of the church was selected due to sighting of a ghostly woman and her infant
son, who many claim to be the Mother Mary and Jesus Christ himself. Two of the first sightings
were by young boys, the second of which was crippled until the spirits appeared to him. There are even tales of the ghostly pair saving European sailors from a storm, which suddenly ended when they appeared on the deck of a Portuguese ship. As of today, these unknown ghostly figures are often seen wandering the grounds. In addition, other unidentified ghosts have been sighted at the Basilica, including a number of
traders from international destinations who were
worshipers at the church. No one at the church,
or anyone who visits it, knows what these ghosts
want, or who they truly are, but they remain cautious. Number four is St. Louis Cathedral. (church bell rings) Initially built in 1718, the Cathedral Basilica of
St. Louis, king of France, better known locally
as St. Louis Cathedral, is located in the French Quarter
of New Orleans, Louisiana. It hold the title as the oldest cathedral in the United States. The building that stands
today is the fourth iteration of the church after a hurricane and a fire took down the first
two, and a public outcry to expand took most of the third. However, it’s rumored that when
the cathedral was expanded, it covered a small cemetery
on the church grounds, and those interred there took offense. Notable ghosts include Pere Antoine, a Spanish-Capuchin
friar who’s been spotted roaming the grounds or
standing by the altar. Another is Pere Dagobert,
a monk who walks the halls in sandals at night, chanting
as he shuffles along. Number three is St. Thomas Church. (church bell rings) Located in a small village called Mulgoa in New South Wales, Australia,
St. Thomas Church was constructed in 1838 out
of sandstone and cedar. With a number of updates over the years, the church still stands today, though for some it may not
have the draw that is used to. It’s rumored that two twin brothers were playing with fire on the church grounds when it suddenly got out of control and wound up killing them both. People have reported spotting or hearing both of the
brothers, who were perceived as being angry with the visitors, especially if they happen
to light a match or lighter. Additionally, people have
reported strange activity while driving towards or
around the church at night. It’s said that a warning comes first, when the headlights on
your vehicle stop working, but soon after, your car will stall, stranding you there with
the angry ghost twins. Number two is Old Rock Church. (church bell rings) Located 6.4 kilometers
east of Cranfills Gap in Bosque County, Texas, St. Olaf’s Kirke, more commonly known as the Old Rock, was built between 1884 and 1886. The building was closed in 1917 when another Lutheran
church was built nearby; however, that doesn’t mean
that the pews are empty. According to multiple witness reports, a large group of the dead
still regularly attend, most often on Sundays. Many claim to have seen
strange lights swirling about both inside the chapel and
in the cemetery beside it. Strange voices can be heard
reciting passages from both the Bible and hymn books, as well as some translucent figures
walking among the seats. But none of that holds
a candle to the choir. A few visitors have claimed that they heard the sound of a
ghostly choir singing hymns coming from inside the church at night. And number one is St. Nicholas Church. (church bell rings) Located in Pluckley, England, allegedly the most haunted church in the country, St. Nicholas Church
certainly adds its fair share of ghost stories to the nation. A number of paranormal
experts have investigated this building, specifically looking for two ghostly women who haunt it. Outside, walking the grounds,
you may spot the Red Lady, a middle-aged woman in red clothing that is buried in a lead box
somewhere on the premises. She roams the area surrounding the church, crying as she searches in
vain for her baby, who, as the story goes, was
stillborn prior to her death. Inside the church is the White Lady, a woman who’s been seen both as a ghostly woman in flowing white garments and as a disfigured result of a house fire that she apparently lost
her life to in 1952. Beware if you visit this area because neither seem to enjoy visitors. That was Ten Creepy Haunted
Churches You Shouldn’t Visit, but if you enjoyed this,
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