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as-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
(May the Peace and Blessings of God be with you). All praise is due to Allah, we praise
HIm, we seek His help, and we ask for His forgiveness. And we take refuge with Allah
from the evils of ourselves and from the evil consequence of our evil actions. Whomsoever Allah guide,
none can misguide. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, there is none to guide. And
I testify that Allah alone is worthy of worship, and that Muhammad (may Allah exalt his mention)
is the Messenger of Allah and his true worshipper.  My dear listeners, brothers and sisters in
Islam,  brothers and sisters in humanity, today I’m going to be embarking on a journey,
a journey to take you through a very amazing and interesting topic. And that is the proof
that Islam is the truth. And that really is what I’m going to be trying to show to you
over the next series of programs, that we can prove that Islam truly is the religion
that has been revealed by Allah (God), the Creator of the heavens and the earth, for
the guidance and benefit of all of humanity. Now, before of course we actually go into
the main topic itself, I would like to spend a little bit of time dealing with what may
seem periphery issues, but they’re very important. I want to talk about what is proof?
What is faith? When I tell you that Islam is the truth, what do I mean by that? Some
people would already look at that as a type of oxymoron. How can you prove a faith to
be true? Isn’t faith supposed to be something that you believe without proof. Isn’t that
the meaning of faith? So I want to examine that, what is the meaning of faith and what
is the meaning of proof.  But first of all I would like to mention an
ayah (verse) of the Qur’an. The ayah of the Qur’an is actually not only one ayah, it’s
actually something that is repeated again and again in the Qur’an. So the Qur’an tells
us: “Say: If what you claim is true, bring your proof”. Bring your evidence, bring your
proof. If you are making a claim about Allah (God), if you make a claim about anything
in fact, what is upon you, what is an obligation upon you is to bring your ‘burhaan’ your proof,
your evidence. And this is something that Allah mentions different times in the Qur’an.
In other words, it is not enough just to make a claim, you have to prove your claim. And
this is something that the Prophet (may Allah exalt his mention) also mentioned, that the
proof is upon the claimant. The person who is making a claim has to prove it, because
other wise we would claim the blood and the property of each other. And this is the reality.
And I’m sure that each and everyone of you is familiar with this in your daily life.
For example, if someone comes around to check your electricity meter, or to check your gas
meter if you have such a thing, or your water meter if you have such a thing, then that
person will usually be wearing a uniform or they will usually carry an identity card.
If that person came knocking on your door dressed like someone from the Hell’s Angels
motorbike club with, you know, long hair and I don’t know, a leather jacket, and “love”
and “hate”  tattooed on his fists, I don’t think you would be letting that person into
your house.  Rather you would say, you know what, you stay right where you are, because
you’re not coming in my house and checking out my house and seeing what’s in there. Because
what are you thinking? Oh this person is now going to come and this person’s going to rob
me. This person’s going to come in my house and steal everything. So if someone’s coming
to check the utility bills, you want to see an I.D, you want to see the person wearing
a uniform, before you let that person in your house. In other words you want some type of
evidence that, that person is who they claim to be. Similarly in another example, if I
said today for example, these studios here they don’t belong to PeaceTV, they belong
to me, they belong to Abdurraheem Green, and this is my place and you guys get out, I’m
in charge of here now. No one is going to take me seriously. If I go to court and I
want to make a claim about something, if I want to claim that some place belongs to me
or some property belong to me, then I have to bring evidence, I have to bring proof.
I can’t just say “well what’s my proof? I believe it, I have faith”. No one accepts
that type of thing in everyday life. So why should it be any different when it comes to
religion? In fact, if you think about it, issues in religion are more important than
these worldly issues. Whether this place belong to me or belongs to PeaceTV, whether
someone robs my house or not, is very insignificant compared to the consequences of what any
religion is saying. Because religion is talking about the purpose of our whole life. Religion
is talking not only about the purpose of this life, but what is going to happen to us in
the life to come, the eternity. So therefore is it enough that someone comes along and
makes a claim and saying “oh, God says this, God says that”. “You should believe this,
you should believe that”. Surely, the logical approach to anyone who makes a claim about
God, is “bring your evidence, if what you say is true”.  And this is what Allah (God)
tells the Muslims to say. For example, if a Christian comes to us and makes a claim
about God, that Jesus is God or he’s the son of God, or the Bible is from God. Well, bring
your proof, if what you say is true. And this is the same for anybody about anything.  It’s
only a matter of time before a person is going to say. “well, you know you Muslims,  claim
your religion is from God, you claim your religion is from the Creator”. “Well, you
bring your proof, if what you say is true”. And in fact, really that’s just what we’re
waiting for. Because we’ll be more than happy to furnish and to provide the proof to show
that Islam is the truth. And that’s what we’ll be hoping to do insha’allah (with the will
of God) over the next few programs and that is to really show some, and to give a bit
of insight into some of the evidences that we can have and that we can show in order
to illustrate and show that Islam really is the religion that’s been revealed by Allah,
the Creator of the heavens and earth. 

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  1. @5graffitiartist5 Salam, m not a scholar nor a good muslim..but have faith. We dont know how much pain ure going through now but~ Theres no white without black, no happiness without sadness, no sweet without bitter taste. Its god gift to us~ to have that feeling to feel. Be patience, have faith n just pray~ after sadness, happiness will come. What people do to others, only God knows and only He will judge them.. we can just judge ourself, believe n keep our faith to the one god ~ Allah..

  2. @Xiuxiu1121 as long as you are a human, you can believe in God… because humans have a free will and it has to be a conscious choice to believe in God.

  3. @IrishHermes The thing is, Your Searching for answers, otherwise you would not be looking at these videos. Dont close you Mind to things, and may Allah(SWT) Guide you to the Truth that is Islam. If you would allow me to Show you some Physical Proofs (Signs) of Islam. i think you may be Convinced by it Inshallah. (God Willing)

  4. Why are there no prophecies by the prophet Muhammad that have come true? Prophecies make a true prophet. Hence the name.

  5. dont waste your time doubting..
    because islam is the T R U T H- lets become T R U E muslims!
    And aim for jannat-ul-firdous (heaven) our true goal 🙂

  6. Respectfully, I care nothing for your "truth". The horror in Norway, is very real, and truthful, however, all love 🙂

  7. Judaism doesn't accept Christianity and Islam. Christianity accepts Judaism and sayings in the Bible state of another prophet which all Christians must embrace his religion once he arrives. Islam accepts & Respects Judaism and Christianity and on top of all that calls them the "People of the Book" which of course literal translation from Arabic means the "Family of the Book". Which means Muslims care for other past Abrahamic religions more than they care for Islam.

  8. @beydounislam Brothers and sisters, you should not be proud, pride is the thing that causes destruction. You should be happy and grateful to the Lord Allah that he had guided you to the path of Huda and work on that.

    Remember, every action you make is considered a type of worship if you got the intention of pleasing Allah. Let us purify our hearts in order for us to be rewarded for all good things we do.

    Al Salam Alaykum

  9. @bd78377 depends on youre definition of terrorist….according to the british monarch our founding fathers were terrorists.



    Esshadu-ella-illahe-illallah ve esheduelle-Mohammeden-rasullu !

    I´m Muslim Ellhamdullillah

  11. So many bad propaganda in the Media yet it won't prevail because the Truth is the Truth, all the falsification is baseless, I guess mocking out of jealousy, just not knowing or just ignoring it at all . I hope you open your mind and seek proper knowledge about Islam and you will see the beauty in it. Asalamu Alaykum!

  12. Well, may be your direction is Islam. Hope so. You start to like on the short introduction only, how much more you finish the episodes? How about reading the Quran and Hadith? Don't you know the Quran, nothing exist like of it on this earth.

  13. Islam is the only religion that has answers to everything.
    allah the almighty will punish those in judement day who go astray.

  14. im a proud muslim & i wish people who think so negatively about islam can just read the quran. i guarantee it will give you a different view of muslims. al7amdulela ivas born a muslim <3

  15. I am Muslim but a true Muslim does not need proof , he just knows what the truth is. The road of requireing proof is a dangerous slippery sloap that we as Muslims should never take.

  16. A student in my old high school said he converted based on this playlist. I can't find the words to express my awe and gratitude. However, all in all, keep it up.

  17. god in the QURAN says bring your proof every one needs proof i was born a muslim i am from saudi arabia my anssestors go bach to halima who took muhammed when he was young to nurture him but that dosent mean nothing i need proof like every one else and it is good to know we have so many proofs i have found more than 100 proofs undesputable proofs than no one can argue about

  18. does Islam explain why some people are born disabled, or black, or asian, or rich or poor?
    does it explain anything about dreams?
    does Islam believe in evolution?

  19. In Islam looking at a different color as a disadvantage is a sin to start. Being born with a dysfunction is the will of God, and they have a scale to balance their deeds very different than ours.His or her Deeds even through thought when be rewarded much more than it would with us.
    Dreams, there are different types of dreams in Islam, they are messages given certain clues in the dream (how clear,etc)
    Islam brought the idea of Evolution to light through Ibn Khaldoun" Mohamadian Theory".

  20. Surah 24:45 clearly says that all creatures are created from water so we cannot completely deny evolution but we do not believe that humans came from monkeys. In islam we believe that dreams are of three types, dreams that are from your own thoughts, dreams from God that are glad tidings for the rigtheous believers and the last kind of dreams are from the devils and are nightmares. There is dream interpretation in islam but that is a wide topic. Islam will answers all of ur questions,

  21. Salam to all of my brothers and sisters. Promote this video to enlighten the truth seekers and believers alike. We all need reminders to keep us on the path to the jennah inshAllah

  22. I would like to point out to all those that characterize all Muslims as Terrorists and Islam as a religion of terrorism. There are sects of Christianity here in the United States which do some of the same things which a very small percentage of Muslims have done. A woman pastor in Missouri has a "bootcamp" every summer for children between a certain ages ending somewhere in the teenage years teaching them military tactics to be soldiers for Jesus. But we all ignore those types don't we?

  23. Jihad, in Islam, means doing any or all but not limited to the following:

    Learn, teach, and practice Islam in all aspects of one's life at all times to reach the highest and best education in order to benefit oneself, family and society.

    Be a messenger of Islam everywhere, in every behavior and action.

    Fight evil, wrongdoing, and injustice with all one's power by one's hand (action), with one's tongue (speech), or at least with one's heart (prayer).
    and God knows best

  24. I have always liked to listen seykh Abdurraheem with his knowledge of Islam, i have got enlighten the true Islam..JAK please share with others to get benefits from his knowledge…

  25. The Vast Majority of Muslims are Good, Caring, Loving, Fun people, but it has very little to do with Islam and much to do with the person themselves. People are Good in General so they accept Islam for it's Goodness. If anything Bad is mentioned in Islam, they'll interpret it as good to be more consistent with themselves. This Goes for all religions and philosophies.


  26. Proof – the act of testing or making trial of anything; test; trial. How is believing there is one god reasonable? Amazing scientific facts in the quran? There are more in Moby Dick than any ancient holy book. The beauty of the quran is evidence? Unimpressed.

  27. because their brains are so messed up with hatred towards every single living being that you cant change their minds only we can do is arrest them after their crimes which has nothing to do with islam!

  28. Brother Daniel . Jihad meaning is really DEEP it does not mean to go murder. This is what you learned on television from people who spread hate.

    If you want to really learn what Jihad means then on youtube type this in.

    " what is jihad islam means peace " You will see a video with a white skin brother , that is the video. Peace and Love.

  29. The exam your referring to, you would have to completely and utterly fail be ignorant and turn your back, Allah is infact the most merciful, he does not need you are no benefit or loss to him, yet he created you provides you and you completely rely on his mercy, are you too ignorant too look at the mirror and see all the blessing you have?

  30. just think of life as an exam which you can never redo and heaven as pass and hell as Fail and you have been taught a lot by the teacher but some were attentive and some were too arrogant to accept it .may Allah open our eyes and guide us to the right path and shows us light and lets us reside in Jannah seek guidance directly from a scholar or something that will be a lot better for you , God Willing (In Shaa Allah)

  31. Mr Adam Rady…can you show me the proof of Punishing of God by taking out of finger nails,burn alive and cutting out of skin if we cannot understand? and Bit Lazy?or something……..show me the proof…………

  32. Asslmkum.wr.wb brother n sister…The Truth is  the faith to allah swt. The Justice is shariah law and The Beauty is Ahlaq.

  33. Sometime I feel some doubt about Islam and my faith but I can't leave islam , cuz it is the only thing great thing in my life. If I leave it, my life will be empty. So I'm gonna learn about it more to love it more

  34. All us people that have duties about islam its just shitan wispiring stuffe in ur eare just hold on muslim bother s and sisters

  35. So a messenger from allah is "clear evidence" that islam is truth therefore by that logic, a messenger of christianity is the same, or of scientology, or of mormonism. Yet there is clear sattelite evidence, that the Earth spins on its axis. The more I try to understand religion, the more I despise it. I want people to rise up and create a Utopia on Earth, lets face it, you CAN NOT do that with religion. Religion is mental sickness and CONTROL. Religion takes advantage of your vulnerabilities as a mortal human being to enslave you and scare you into believing fairy tails that make you feel safe and secure. How about we believe in love, community, family, and each other. How about we just freaking admit that no-one knows how or why we are here, but we are, and what we do know is that being a loving being benefits everyone. So celebrate your life, your humanity with music and friends. No prayer, no rules such as you cannot shave your beard! Do as you wish, with love! 

  36. We muslims know islam is the best religion 
    We do not care what u arrogant and misguided friends think 
    The quran is all the proof we need

  37. The evidence is the Qu'ran (the Message) and the sayings of the Messenger.
    There is also the work of god, Nature, as understood  by science.

    Both have evidential weight only because they come from god.

    But to be hallmarked by god, god must be logicallly prior to the argument. There ic thus a conclusion in premise fallacy.

    Which, in syllogistic style might read
    God exists
    God provided evidence
    Evidence proves that god exists
    God exists

    Please note god may exist, but it requires faith to avow such. Which is a good thing.

  38. o you son of Adam you are total lose of state accept those who believes Quran
    so please believe in God religion before its too late

  39. A Salamunalikom to the all mankind. MashaAllah Subhan Allah to the great wonderful human being and remarkable excellent scaler ABDUR RAHEEM GREEN. I thanks Allah for give us sach man like ABDUR RAHEEM GREEN. Allah give him the best of janna tul perdos and a lots of happiness with long life in this life too. A meen. THE ONLY AND ONLY SOLUTION FOR HUMANITY IS ISLAM. ANY ONE CAN FIND OUT VERY EASY. JUST SEARCH.

  40. Allah is truly The Kind, The Merciful.
    Allah is also The All-Appreciative, He will appreciate every good deed, no matter how small it is.

  41. To all muslim brothers and sisters..not everyone will believe the word of Allah..and Allah know this thats why he created heaven for those who pass the test and hell for those who fail
    let us try to call others into our religion but lets only do our best
    dont get depressed when people call us all the bad names and lets remember Shaitwan is at work


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