قصة الأديان

Right this moment.. A child is born.. And his parents will register him
as a Muslim Right this moment.. There’s a priest baptizing a born child
to announce him as a Christian There’s a mother teaching her 5 years old
daughter how to wear a hijab There’s a father dragging his 4 years old
son to a mosques to teach him how to pray Right this moment.. There’re thousands of new born babies
who’ll inherit the religion of their parents Thousands of babies are born every moment To find themselves between more than 4000
religion and hundreds of thousands of denominations Now Sure all these religions are not the same But There’re things that
all of them have in common All of them saw that they’re
the only true religion All of them say that all the other
religions are false All of them have traditions and rituals
which those who follow them must do All of them promise those
who join with heaven All of them threaten
those who don’t with hell With one daring look at this circle,
anyone will notice.. something is not right But admitting saying that,
is not that easy How all of those millions who’re in my
religion are wrong ?! Why do I feel comfort when I pray ? Who created the universe ? Where will I go when I die ? Suppose at the end I found
my god exists, what will I do then ? Thousands of questions that can make
anyone afraid to think But these questions..
are exactly the answer.. to the most important question you’re
afraid to ask .. What am I doing ? Let me tell you the story of your religion Since the human being been able to think
he started to pay attention to the strange Phenomenas around him. He started to worship it It had to do with his fear of the unknown
plus the ability to imagine Unlike all other animals, they had the fear
but they never been able to imagine. The first thing he worshiped was stones. He worshiped it because he was amazed
by the shapes it create on earth. He didn’t know that this was a result of
the torsions of the crust There’s nothing that great about it But his fear and ignorance
made him worship it.. His fear and ignorance..
made him worship it! Then he worshiped meteors,
He worshiped it because he thought It’s the greatest thing He thought it appears as a punishment
for something wrong he did Then he worshiped the animal
and prayed to it Then he worshiped elements of nature
Air, water and fire He thought that behind every element
there’s someone who’s controlling it. Then he worshiped the moon.
then the sky.. Then he looked at the stronger
human being and worshiped him Humans turned from imaging things
to try and explain nature phenomena’s Into the feel of the need to worship
and pray to something That this must be the purpose of life And he continued like that through
different cultures for millions of years Till he started to worship the kind
of gods we see today.. “The invisible gods” " The invisible god is the one who
put us on earth.. It’s him who created the universe.. The invisible god is the one
who kills everyone.. It’s him who make them alive.. It’s him who heals, and the one
who make people sick It’s him who rewards anyone
who does good And will burn anyone who does
something bad It’s him who created everything..
but nothing created him.. He .. is the answer .. to .. everything!" But if you studied biology you’d know
that humans were here for millions of years.. and your religion's here
for just a thousand year! And if you studied the history of
religions you’d find that no matter What your religion is now.. It’s nothing but a collections of other traditions
and stories of religions that came before it There’s not a single religion on earth..
everything it said is new and genuine Have you ever wandered why there’s
some religions that came before yours Said things that’s found typical
in your religion ? How did the ancient Egyptians said there’s
a doomsday, resurrection and punishment Then after thousands of years Judaism
came which they said it’s the first god religion.. and said exactly the same ? How did Zoroastrianism said that there’s
Heaven, Hell, a 5 times of prayer and ablution And after thousands of years Islam
comes and says the same ? How do you explain the the similarity
between the times and the pray movements between the two ? Religions are ideas humans created
to try and explain the universe around them Religions are not rules from the sky
they were created on earth Even monkeys have religious rituals There's nothing called Gods,
There're no Gods who created humans Humans are the ones who created them An idea to make them stop thinking An answer to fill the gaps
of unanswered questions Then where will i go after i die ? To the same place you're in
before you're born You won't exist Take a look at any dying animal
and see where it goes after it dies It'll be finished Just like milions of living beings that
die every moment But though the answer is right
in front of you You just can't accept it You wanna feel special You see yourself as the most important
thing in the universe Your lack of knowledge of how big
the universe is makes you think the universe..
is created for you The universe isn't here for you The universe existed before you
for more than 14 billion years And will continue to exist after you
and all other animals die, forever The existence of the universe
isn't linked to you The universe is the reason you exist
not the other way around Think! But how did the universe begin ?
you think it came from nothing ?! Nobody knows how did it all started But you have to know that science
is getting closer to the answer everyday And one day .. we will know! And the answer then,
won't be religion Won't be a miracle Won't be "Zeus created the universe" Won't be "Amun" Or "Hemera" Nor "Yahweh" Or "Jesus" Or "Allah" Nor the other thousands of gods The answer .. will be
way greater than this If there's one sentence that can
explain the universe or any other question
you don't know the answer to .. It will be this .. " Anything that contradicts with the laws
of physics and nature .. .. is unreal and doesn't exist .. .. because everything that's real and exist,
can be studied with laws and science .. .. whether that was how life begins .. .. or how did the first cell be alive .. .. or how the universe
got into existence " Anything you don't know the answer to
is simply something you don't know. Then who will punish the person
who does bad ? who kills ? Who will punish Hitler after he died ? No one Death is enough as a punishment
for any living being Who will punish the lion
after it kills the gazelle ? Who will punish the spider
that kills other insects ?! Who will punish the animals that
kill other animals everyday ?! What's unfair to the prey ..
is normal to the predatory Just like you when you kill
other animals like it's a normal thing The emotions of Injustice, justice, love
and hate is just the chemistry of your brain Not a laws the universe is based on You imagining an invisible sky creature
who will take care who those who did you wrong Is a false imaginations you created
just to live in peace So then those who have no religion
can do anything ?! .. they have no morals ?! Wrong! Look at the most non believer people
and compare them to the most religious ones Compare them to the sheikhs who tell
you what to do or what not to do Never think that your religion
is what makes you do right Never think that your religion
is the source of your morality Morals are things you do when you feel
that's the right thing to do No matter what others tells you But your religion .. is doing what
you're told .. No matter how you feel about it ..
right .. or wrong Both .. are completely different things! Being a moral person is doing something
good because you love doing it Not because there's someone who'll
reward you or set you in fire Imagine how religions can blind people When billions are being spent so that more
than a million people can go around a stone Or more than 80 million Hindus to pilgrimage I'm not here to tell you that
you don't understand your religion well Or that some sheikhs don't
represent your religion Or that you should leave the fanatic
sheikhs and follow a handsome sheikh wearing casual as he interprets the crimes
your religion tells you to do in a different way So that he can convince you that
your religions is easy and not that hard I'm not telling you to leave the bad things
of your religion and pick the good Or that you need to read the other thousands
of religion to finally understand.. that something is wrong I'm here to tell you
to look at the bigger picture Look from far away And you'll understand That the whole system Is wrong The whole system Is based .. on a myth.